Our Films…


Recent credits include ‘Darker than Night’ 2014 (Henry Bedwell, in coproduction with Mexico, ‘Nobody Wants the Night’ (Isabel Coixet which opened Berlinale in 2015, in coproduction with France and Bulgaria), ‘No Country for the Young’ 2016 (Giovanni Veronesi) and 2017 ‘Nine and a Half Moons’ (Michela Andreozzi) both in coproduction with Italy.  ‘The Year of the Plague’ 2017 (Carlos Martin Ferrera, in coproduction with Benelux and Mexico) will be released in Spain summer 2018.

‘La Reforma’ (Emilio Martínez-Borso) is in financing stages after securing development funding by ICEC in 2016 and coproduction with Italy and Mexico,  for a beginning of Principal Photography aimed at last quarter of 2018.  In development ‘The Mapmaker’s Wife’, based on the novel of te same name, will be directed by Brad Anderson, in coproduction with UK/Ireland.

Neo Art attends all the relevant International Markets, Festivals and Film Coproduction Forums where our projects are represented and also looks for new projects to back up. Over the last few years the company has always been active at  Berlinale, Guadalajara, Cannes, Toronto and Rome to name a few.