Neo Art is a Barcelona based International Production and Packaging company funded in 2011 by former Senior International Sales and Production executive Antonia Nava. The company is focused on films with strong international appeal and talented filmmakers and tends to coproduce mainly with Latin America and Europe.  

Film and Tv Production is the main activity of the company.  Executive Production, Packaging and Consulting Services, International Producers Representation are other services the company provides. Recent credits include ‘Darker than Night’ 2014 (Henry Bedwell, in coproduction with Mexico, ‘Nobody Wants the Night’ (Isabel Coixet which opened Berlinale in 2015, in coproduction with France and Bulgaria), ‘No Country for the Young’ 2016 (Giovanni Veronesi) and 2017 ‘Nine and a Half Moons’ (Michela Andreozzi) both in coproduction with Italy.  ‘The Year of the Plague’ 2017 (Carlos Martin Ferrera, in coproduction with Benelux and Mexico) will be released in Spain summer 2018.